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fabric top fabric top fabric top plastic top plastic top plastic top unique pads unique pads unique pads Gamer Pads! Gamer Pads! Gamer Pads! wrist rests wrist rests wrist rests counter mats counter mats counter mats fabric top coasters fabric top coasters fabric top coasters What’s on Sale? click on me! Go See Specials! All  Specials! Often it is best to present your artwork to us in .tif or .jpg format at 300dpi, and in cmyk mode.  But not always.  Give us a call even BEFORE you begin your artwork, and we can help you optimize your artwork for printing to the mouse pad type you have chosen.
Art Preparation, tolerances, and proofing Any professional format is usually fine.  It is generally acceptable to submit .tif or .jpg files at 300dpi, cmyk at the best possible quality level for .jpgs using Photoshop Bleed: 1/8” on all four sides for ‘hard top’ items, 1/4” for sublimation printed ‘soft top’ items “Margins from edge for parallel lines or text along a side: 1/8” for hard tops & 3/16” for soft top items Sublimation dye printing is used for printing the fabric items.  It is not a medium that reproduces as accurately as offset paper printing.  We provide a .pdf or .jpg proof file for checking the art layout, but if you require a high level of color accuracy for a corporate logo color, or anything else, a full production proof is required.  They are expensive for sublimation printed items, and offset press produced hard top items.  $225 plus shipping.  That is our actual cost and is not marked up at all.  Our digitally printed hard top items, usually under 4,000 qty, cost only $15 for a production proof. Reversed text and graphic lines: on fabric printing, you must allow for the ‘dot gain’.  The dye spreads out in the fabric and if the text or lines are too thin, they will be difficult to read, or take on a tint of the surrounding color. Usually a 14pt. bold text will hold up well to those issues.  And 16-18pt non-bold text will perform alright when reversed as white print in a solid color background. How to get the art to us:  You can just email any file that is 10mb or under.  In fact, one of our mail servers has recently increased the limit on incoming attachments, but you’ll need to specify in the body of the email that a large attachment is present so we can retrieve it directly from the email server.    If needed, very large files can be uploaded via ftp.  We will email you instructions if you need to use that process.
Call us first!  You’ll avoid some potential  art preparation pitfalls, especially with the sublimation dye process. We’re here to help make your ordering and art preparations process FASTER, EASIER, & TROUBLE-FREE !
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