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Our line of “Unique Mouse Pads” Insert style hard top pads -slide you own printed message under the clear window.  You add your own message in a special area of the pad, such as updated product information, or any data at all that may change periodically. Insert ‘lift’ style hard top pads -as the mouse pad above, you can place your printed message under the clear portion of the mouse pads.  But a MUCH LARGER area is reserved for the custom message that you can change out as needed.  In this design, you lift up the clear plastic top, place your printed paper, and let the clear top back down that is actually the mousing surface.  Great for full calendars or other larger messages you wish to allow your customers to change.  Very handy and effective item! Biz Card insert window can be added to any of the window mouse pads at no extra charge!  -your sales person can add his/her business card to the promotional items.  Both your customers and sales people will like that! Mouse pad/wrist rest combo -this mouse pad can actually help  prevent carpal tunnel of the wrist.   
window insert mouse pad with biz card slot
Insert style mouse pad with  added business card window
lift top window insert mouse pad
Insert ‘lift’ style mouse pad
window insert mouse pad -basic
Insert  style mouse pad with standard center window
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Where do we ship our insert style window mouse pads and our wrist rest/mouse combo pads?
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wrist rest - mouse pad combo
Mouse pad / Wrist rest combo pad
-the pad that can save your wrist from Carpal Tunnel! Sold to two medical divisions of the U.S. Air Force!
the 1/8” soft top pad fits perfectly into the tray, and is replaceable at low cost.
The gel pad supports the wrist very well, and very comfortably!
Mouse pad / Wrist Rest Combo Pad
price each includes the printed pad insert
Qty       Price ea:       Replacement Pad
50 100 250 500 1000 2500
11.00 6.25 5.65 5.35 4.90 4.50
3.25 2.60 1.90 1.60 1.40 1.00
Your insert slides under the clear plastic sheet that you lift up easily, then lay back down.
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