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About Our Products... Custom printed mousepads come in many sizes, thicknesses, and shapes, and, well, we pretty much carry them all! We have cutting dies to create over 175 soft fabric top mousepad sizes and 100 plastic "hard top" mouse pad sizes. We list the most popular sizes in our price lists. BUT, if you think another size is what you want, or even a special shape, just ask us! Chances are very good that we have your rectangular or round mouse pad size available, plus, we have a variety of other shapes such as football, T-shirt, ovals, and others. If we don't have it, we can create a custom cutting die to create it! We also carry many thicknesses of material for all our products, including fabric surface mousepads, plastic top mouse pads, cup coasters, wrist rests, and even counter mats or 'change mats', as they are some times called. Our raw material comes in 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4", PLUS we have the 'UltraThin' hard top mousepad material that is about the thickness of a credit card. It is safe to say that we have our mouse pad sizes covered very well.... over 1,250 size- thickness combinations are available. Is that ALL we carry?  Well....heck no!  For instance, we can use 90% recycled tire rubber on any of our hard top mousepads, giant gaming mousepads, and counter mats!  Or, if you’d like to save a little money without sacrificing any significant performance, you can opt for our Medum Duty rubber base hard top custom printed mousepads. This not only lowers your price per mouse pad, it also will lower your shipping cost! And we can offer you the best ‘See Thru’ window hard top mouse pads around.  These give you the ability to place your own printed message within the mouse pad itself, under the clear plastic part.  Also available on the counter mats, it is a great way to maximize the value of your advertising piece by doing things like inserting a weekly special, or placing the current month of a calendar, and more!
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We make ordering easy!  Call us at Your order carried by: soccer round soft top mouse pad example land rover soft fabric top mouse pad bombarier hard top mouse pad boscos soft top mouse pad example centex hard top mouse pad example fabric top mousepad example round soft top mousepad example sports soft fabric top mouse pad cad store mouse pad hard top style calander plastic surface mouse pad example fabric top mouse pad example orange lake small hard top mouse pad hockey thick soft top pad
 - This is a C-thru Pad - Slide in your own custom message in this area from the side, under the clear plastic top!
Mouse-over images make them BIG
M o u s e p a d s
...a n d   m o r e
G i a n t
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we sell raw rubber to other mousepad printers
We make ordering easy!  Just call us at 800-758-9641
Step by step, we’ll help you pick out the mouse pad options that will serve you best, and help you choose the best approach to your artwork.  We additionally offer art service for our customers that need it.
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